It only takes one visit to our classic diner to understand why folks in Kernville always put Cheryl's Diner high on their list of favorite local eateries. Our food is fresh, our staff is friendly, and our prices are just right. We serve up a wide selection of made-from-scratch home and country-style dishes, from chicken fried steak and sandwiches to eggs, biscuits, and hot coffee. The only thing we're prouder of than the dishes we serve is the support we get each day from our community. We welcome guests in with a smile and treat them to a home-cooked meal just like Grandma used to make.

Here's our Story....

When my husband, Lanny Borthick & I moved to the valley 45 years ago, I'd never had a job outside the home, much less owned a business.  My mom (Nelda) had lived in the valley for several years, so we just decided to settle here and raise our kids.  I don't believe we'd been here two weeks, when mom asked me to help her out waitress'ing at Mt. Mesa Restaurant.  What started as a part-time job 45 years ago became full-time 32 years ago with the opening of my own restaurant "Cheryl's Diner" in Kernville.  

Lanny started constructing the restaurant in August of 1984.  Our opening day was Jan 27th, 1985.  Our deal was, I wouldn't tell him hoe to build it & h wouldn't tell me how to run it.  So far, that's worked out pretty good, event with all the refurbishing over the years.  

In 32 years, there have been many people in my employ, but I cannot say enough great things about the folks whoa re working for me now, some who started with me the very day I opened the doors, like Sandi & Patty (my daughters).  Renea has been serving up delicious meals for over 20 years.  Michelle has been here almost 10 years and now her daughter, Breanna is following in her footsteps. My grad daughter Mandy makes the 4th generation working in the food industry in the Kern River Valley.  Sherrie came to us as a long time server in the valley.  They have joined by Michelle's children Chad & Angelina, who bus tables & dish wash.  Also, Taylor,  my cousin Karly & Stephanie. Robert, David, & Michael all joined the staff this year.  The kitchen staff includes Wes, T'Sara, Stephanie, Weston, Holly & SonDee (who returned this year) Josiah, who came to learn all about organic farming from Onyx Family Farms, Willow & Cindy. My great grandson, Wyatt, works one day a week during the summer months & saves up all his money.  The spotless floors and cleanliness is the product of Jason.  And lastly, but not least, is Kelly.  Kelly helps the waitresses with anything

Our Story

the need.


These folks and I are all your neighbors and friends.  We try our best to please you or satisfy each of your requests whether on the menu or something special that you're craving.  For instance, we serve only fresh roasted turkey for all turkey entrees.  Our sharing is hand battered to your order just like the chicken fried steak, both, a real treat!  Our Friday night beer battered fish is all you can eat and we think it's the best around.  On Saturday nights we serve all you can eat Spaghetti and our famous BBQ Ribs.  During the summer season, you'll see some of the children of my employees working earning money for school clothes, church camps, motorcycle parts, a car, computer or college.  So at "Cheryl's Diner" we truly are a family restaurant.  We want the customers to be part of that family too! When you're thinking about that next meal out & you want it to be fun & pleasant, come visit us in the heart of Kernville. Open 7 days a week.